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John Bollinger is a drummer-percussionist/multi-media artist based in NYC. He has recorded and performed with numerous artists including The Sway Machinery, Barbez, John and Dan, Boy George Valerie June, Aki Sasamoto and The Bronx Opera. His work can be heard on numerous albums, including Antony and the Johnsons' Gold and Mercury prize-winning album "I Am A Bird Now", Valeri June's album, "Order of Time" and Martin Bisi's album BC35.


John teaches Percussion at the St. Ann's school in Brooklyn, as well as one-on-one drum instruction at The Trevor Day School and privately.




Lisa Goldberg - Director of the Music Conservatory, Trevor Day School


John Bollinger has been working at Trevor Day School in our Music Conservatory since 2009 as a drum teacher. He has taught students in grades 1-12 from beginner to advanced levels. John is a very reliable teacher who is extremely talented and well respected by our Trevor Families.


Sam Lazzara - Head of Percussion, Saint Ann's School and band leader of The Lounge Leader


John's work in the music dept. at St. Ann's School is valued and greatly respected. His students appreciate his  sensitive teaching style and the entire school community has enjoyed his playing on several school concerts. Additionally, John's musicianship on stage is an asset the Lounge Leader has benefitted from for many years. His playing is refined while providing the kick the band needs to make the songs soar! 





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