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My Teaching Philosophy


I teach traditional drumset in all styles to all ages and skill levels, as well as orchestra and band percussion for elementary, middle, and

high school students. 


Lets Play!

My primary focus as a teacher is to get students playing music immediately. I make sure that all of my students get to play as much as possible during their lessons,  usually playing songs that they have personally chosen. I teach essentials like stick technique, hand and limb coordination, reading music, and ensemble playing. I also work extensively with students on learning how to listen to and learn drum parts from recordings.


What do YOU want to learn?

I try as much as possible to work with students on exactly what it is that THEY want to learn, while always striving to provide a comprehensive education in music fundamentals in a fun, and inspiring atmosphere. I feel that it is essential to use materials that the student enjoys, so I encourage all of my students to have a hand in choosing music and materials that they want to work with. 


Young Students

I use a combination of method book and recording based teaching for all students in elementary and middle school, making sure they are learning broad concepts about music, drumset and other instruments from the percussion family. 


Need To Purchase A Drumset or Percussion instrument? 

I will be happy to assist you in finding an instrument that will fit your needs and budget.

See drum and percussion gear below.


Any Questions? 

Please contact me if you have any questions that are not answered here!



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